Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alphabet Photography

Just a quick post today. I finally got all of my letters listed in my Etsy shop! Yea! It was alot of long days editing and listing, but so worth it! I think I might have creative exhaustion however I doubt it. I can't imagine going through a day without creating something. It's funny because I went so long without being creative. You see I grew up crafting. Ya know beading soaps with the little pins and beads for the bathroom, and don't forget the macrame plant hangers. I think I got really courageous when I was tenish and tried to macrame a hanging table. I was around crafts the whole time I was growing up. My mom and my grandfather owned a little craft store in Mt. Washington and I spent alot of time there with them. When I became a teenager I just stopped creating and didn't get back to it until about two years ago. :(  Take it from me life is better when your creating! Here's a few pics of letters to inspire you to create.

So don't forget to try to create something everyday!

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